El Informe: A National Newsletter to Guide, Develop, and Honor LMSA Advisors

El Informe: A National Newsletter to Guide, Develop, and Honor LMSA Advisors

Front page of July 2024 Edition of ¡El Informe!

The Faculty/Physician Advisory Council of LMSA National has launched a newsletter called El Informe, written for the growth and edification of faculty advisors!

WE DEPEND ON YOU FOR CONTENT. El Informe highlights faculty advisors work, publication and professional advancement, and we depend on your input to update the faculty advisory community.

Newsletter Goal:

  • To produce a quarterly newsletter for consumption by LMSA faculty advisors.

Newsletter Objectives:

  • Incorporate LMSA faculty advisor input;
  • Act as a point of distribution for publication/research on education or support of Latina/o/x students and faculty;
  • Update faculty directory with new appointments, positions or other geographic/professional changes, education-related publications; and
  • Communicate relevant updates and announcements pertaining to LMSA or related academic resources.

Listed below are topics that are addressed in every newsletter. Additional topics as driven by faculty interest/input are encouraged. Each newsletter has 1-3 faculty-written articles in addition to the topics listed below.

Topics to be addressed in each newsletter:

  • How to:
    • support support and mentor Hispanic and Latina/o/x students;
    • determine chapter members’ personal and professional interests in order to cultivate the next generation of leaders from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine;
    • guide their chapter leadership to develop, implement, and evaluate an annual strategic plan that aligns with the mission, vision, and plan of LMSA National;
  • Ongoing and emerging health issues facing the Hispanic and Latina/o/x communities in the United States;
  • Faculty advisor/chapter/institution spotlight

The newsletter is released on a quarterly basis. The schedule below outlines the process of creating each issue of El Informe (and will repeat each quarter).

For additional questions, please reach out to the LMSA FPAC National Center Coordinator. Deadlines for specific newsletter issues are listed below:

  • Month 1:
    • Distribute survey to collect updates to directory and announcements
    • Solicit faculty input for op-eds, narrative pieces etc
  • Month 2:
    • Deadline for content submission
  • Month 3:
    • Content review and outreach to authors for edits if needed
    • Place content in newsletter template
    • Final review for formatting, factual/grammatical correctness
For inclusion in this edition of El InformePlease submit content by this date:
October 1, 2024 September 25, 2024

Please use the links below to access the latest editions of El Informe. Editions are released quarterly.

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