Overview of the LMSA FPAC

Since its inception as the National Network of Latin American Medical Students (NNLAMS) in 1987, LMSA has continually benefited from the presence of dedicated faculty & physician advisors. In 2017, the LMSA National leadership established the Faculty/Physician Advisory Council (FPAC) to provide a formal structure to the advisor network that supports and promotes all LMSA members.

The purpose of the LMSA FPAC is to advise the organization’s student leadership at the national, regional, and local levels on current challenges in healthcare, trends in medical education, and best practices to promote the academic, personal and professional development of LMSA members.​ The LMSA FPAC shares the mission, vision, and core values of LMSA National described here.

In establishing the FPAC, LMSA National set forth defined responsibilities for advisors at the national, regional, and local chapter levels in order to maximize their success, as well as that of their students. All advisors are expected to attend monthly FPAC meetings and at least ONE (1) annual FPAC Advisor Orientation & Training session. For meeting information, please refer to our Resources page.

The responsibilities of the LMSA National FPAC Advisors are as follows:

  • Counsel the LMSA National leadership on current trends and challenges in healthcare, with a particular focus on Hispanic and Latina/o/x patients & communities;
  • Develop and/or disseminate best practices in cultivating the personal and professional development of LMSA members;
  • Directly mentor at least one member of the LMSA National leadership team;
  • Raise capital for LMSA National to support its programming, as well as that of the entire FPAC;
  • Attend >75% of regular meetings of the LMSA National FPAC; and
  • Supervise and support LMSA Regional and Chapter Advisors by facilitating advisor evaluations and at least one FPAC Advisor Orientation & Training session each academic year.

The responsibilities of the LMSA Regional FPAC Advisors are as follows:

  • Provide guidance and institutional memory to the student leadership of their respective LMSA region;
  • Promote frequent and harmonious communication and collaboration between LMSA regional leadership teams and that of LMSA National;
  • Serve as liaisons between Chapter Advisors, regional leadership, and National Advisors;
  • Attend >75% of regular meetings of the LMSA Regional FPAC; and
  • Encourage students to engage with LMSA at all levels of the organization.

The responsibilities of the LMSA Local Chapter Advisors are as follows:

  • Support and mentor students within their respective LMSA Local Chapters;
  • Determine chapter members’ personal and professional interests in order to cultivate the next generation of leaders from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine;
  • Guide their chapter leadership to develop, implement, and evaluate an annual strategic plan that aligns with the mission, vision, and plan of LMSA National;
  • Discuss ongoing and emerging health issues facing the Hispanic and Latina/o/x communities in the United States, particularly in areas surrounding the Local Chapter;
  • Attend >75% of regular meetings of the LMSA Chapter FPAC; and
  • Promote engagement of chapter members with LMSA regional and National activities, including events and leadership opportunities at those levels.

Additional duties may be specified by the Executive Director, in conjunction with the LMSA National President, at any time.