2023 Discrimination Survey

Survey Active: February 15th, 2023 – May 15th, 2023

Dear All Graduating Medical Student of the LHS+ (Latina/o/x/e, Hispanic or of Spanish Origin+) Communities:

Dr. J.P. Sanchez and Dr. Deion Ellis are conducting an anonymous and voluntary survey to assess the frequency and burden of discrimination faced by LHS+ community members during medical school and the residency application process.  Understanding the frequency and burden of discrimination faced by LHS+ community members will help inform educational initiatives and future policies. 

No identifying data will be recorded. The questions ask about your experiences during medical school. Some questions regarding your experiences may make you uncomfortable. We hope that this assessment will add to the knowledge of the presence of discrimination during medical school and ultimately contribute to a climate of diversity and inclusion. All of your responses will be anonymous and voluntary.

Your responses will be submitted online. The responses will be stored on an encrypted server and password-protected computer.

Only John Paul Sánchez MD, MPH and Deion Ellis MD, MMS will have access to the information you provide. Aggregated data will be shared with LMSA members and academic health centers to raise awareness of discrimination faced by LHS+ communities, but this data will remain anonymous. If published, results will be presented in summary form only.  

You are free to decline to participate, to end participation at any time for any reason, or to refuse to answer any individual question without penalty, keeping in mind that a complete assessment is more helpful than an incomplete assessment.

Your decision on whether or not to participate in this project will not affect your relationship with the University of New Mexico School of Medicine,  the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), or the LMSA Faculty/Physician Advisory Council (FPAC).

Individuals who complete the survey will be allotted the opportunity to enter a raffle to win one of three $150 gift cards. Individuals interested in entering the raffle will be asked to provide their contact information via a separate survey NOT TIED to their survey responses. The gift cards will be disseminated at the conclusion of the data collection phase. Once the raffle is completed and gift cards distributed, all data in this second survey will be deleted.

Remember, you can report episodes of discrimination, at any time, to the AAMC ERAS Investigations via erasinvestigations@aamc.org, your medical school leadership (e.g. Dean of Students Affairs, Dean for GME/DIO, Dean of Diversity), or to your University Office for Equal Opportunity. Residents or fellows can make formal complaints about their treatment in their program via complaints@acgme.org. In addition, if the survey makes you feel emotionally overwhelmed or distressed feel free to contact any of your medical school leadership, well-being services, Deion Ellis MD, MMS at dlellis@salud.unm.edu, J.P. Sanchez MD, MPH at jopsanchez@salud.unm.edu .

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey or the research project, you can contact the Principal Investigator on the project, Dr. JP Sanchez or the Co-Investigator of the project using their respective contact information listed below. You may also contact the UNM Health Sciences Center Office of Research at (505) 272-1129. 

All Graduating medical students, please click on the link to begin the survey.  You must complete the short survey in one attempt. There is no time limit built into the survey, but your browser might time out if you take more than a few minutes to answer each question. 


John Paul Sánchez MD, MPH

Executive Associate Vice Chancellor

Health Sciences Center, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), UNM HSC

Professor with Tenure & Vice Chair DEI, Emergency Medicine 

University of New Mexico School of Medicine (UNM SOM)

Executive Director, LMSA National

EMAIL: jopsanchez@salud.unm.edu


Deion Ellis, MD, MMS

Professional Intern, Health Sciences Center, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), UNM HSC

Director, National Center for LMSA Leadership and Advancement

EMAIL: dlellis@salud.unm.edu

Presentation of Survey Findings: