Promoting advisors, faculty members, staff, and student leaders throughout LMSA.

The purpose of the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Faculty/Physician Advisory Council (FPAC) is to advise the organization’s student leadership at the national, regional, and local levels on current challenges in healthcare-related issues and on best practices in cultivating the academic, personal and professional development of LMSA members.​

In addition, FPAC exists to develop all LMSA advisors as effective mentors and successful leaders at their respective institutions. The promotion, tenure, and recognition of LMSA advisors constitute top priorities for FPAC, because, as our advisors thrive, so do our students.

Please explore this website for more information regarding the LMSA FPAC’s faculty development initiatives, trainings in leadership and mentorship, and resources on issues facing Hispanic patients and health professionals.

For any questions regarding FPAC and its programming, please contact John Paul Sánchez, MD, MPH, LMSA National Executive Director, or Deion L. Ellis, MD, MMS, LMSA FPAC National Center Director.